Hands forming a viewing window to the horizon, from Engel Tutors of Ann Arbor.


"As a tutor, Eric was very patient, thoughtful and creative. He tailored his methods to our child’s style of learning and interests. He made the whole process very enjoyable for our child."
~Ginny Rogers, Ann Arbor

“Eric's creative talents clearly enrich his ability to create multi-sensory teaching tools. Eric sincerely enjoys young people, and his sense of humor is another invaluable tutoring tool.”
~Cindy Annchild, Ann Arbor

“I have learned note taking skills, organizational skills, memory strategies, typing skills, writing skills, vocabulary, eye/hand coordination and study skills.”
~Tyler, 13

“I found a fun way to study, and I never thought it would be fun to study.”
~Lauren, 15

“If you like to have fun and like to do crazy math problems then you should work with Eric.”
~Charlie, 10

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